What's Construction Management?

Construction management is an essential part of the construction
cycle. It manages all construction activities on behalf of the client,
from planning to set the project in action.

Promote your construction project system.

Adopting the CM method enables the project to proceed more smoothly.

The bigger the project, the more difficult it is for the owner, who is not a construction specialist, to convey all the requirements to the designers and contractors and to control them properly. With a construction specialist such as Hankyu CM, we can boost the owner's vision to a professional level by facilitating the communication of all parties involved in the project. Smooth, fast, and straightforward interaction between the stakeholders is guaranteed.

Do you have any concerns or limitations in managing the project yourself?
The CM company will tolerate the project from the concept stage and manage the entire project issues to the operation.
The CMr will solve all complex technical matters and reduce the workload of the project owner.

When is the best time to adopt CM to your project?

The most appropriate time to adopt the CM method is at the initial construction planning stage. In the early stage of the construction concept.

It will make a remarkable change if the CM company can get involved in the construction concept from the very first. Inviting several companies to submit proposals for selecting a CM company is also a good idea. It would be no exaggeration to say that about 80% of a project's direction is determined by its operating policy, which is drawn up at the conceptual stage. It is never too late to select the designer and contractor afterwards.