Hankyu CM is your trusted partner for pursuing the success of any construction project.

Taking the initiative in all building aspects during construction is the key to the success of all projects.
Hankyu CM is the partner that pursues the success of construction projects from the same perspective as the project owner. The more complex and long-lasting a construction project is, the more appropriate steering and strict accountability are required of the project owner, both internally and externally.
As a specialist client-oriented CM company with a wide range of logistic support from our parent company Hankyu Corporation, WE offer the best solutions to facilitate all the issues and maximize the value of the project from the client's perspective.


Proud to be a pioneer in the industry
Extensive track record in CM work

Hankyu Construction Management was established in July 1996 as the first company in Japan to specialize in CM. We are a pioneer in the industry and boast a wealth of experience. We respond flexibly and accurately to various facilities and needs, build an optimal process that puts the client's perspective first, and help ensure ultimate project success.

We will be your true third-party status
A company specializing in client-oriented CM

We are a member of the Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hankyu Corporation. Currently, more than 60% of our work comes from outside the Group. We provide a wide variety of support as a specialist seeking sincerely to achieve the best of the client's perceptions. We coordinate with designers and constructors from a neutral standpoint to lead your project for a secure, smooth, satisfactory efficient construction process consistent with your initial vision and budget.

High level of implementation satisfaction
Cost management capability

Since our establishment, our services have received the highest evaluation for their effective implementation. We are the best in the construction cost assessment service, providing precise construction cost estimation for all projects. We built our own construction materials and labour costs database based on extensive cost management experience. We present practical construction prices based on actual unit costs and provide sufficient support for price negotiations.

Well-qualified equipment engineering team
Extensive track record of renovation work

All types of engineering work significantly impact initial costs and running costs. Electricitical, mechanical, air-conditioning, water supply, drainage and sanitation, and elevators and escalators works should be handled by professionals to ensure high efficiency at both quality and cost levels. Our well-qualified engineers are ready to provide precise management for all the construction stakeholders starting from the planning stage to the design stage, through the construction, and ending with project operation. We can offer a full range of services for various needs, including renovation work.

Values inherited from Hankyu Hanshin Toho group knows-how

We have inherited the deep-rooted values of proficiency from our parent company. For over 100 years, Hankyu Corporation has been involved in construction projects such as railway facilities, office/commercial buildings, and amusement facilities with high-class efficiency. We have applied our ancestors' precious and authentic "know-how" experience to our customers' projects to lead them to guaranteed success.