Cost management and construction cost assessment.

-We offer these services to each stage, from planning, design, and tendering to the final construction.
-It is a monitoring menu to find the right balance between targets and costs.

It is crucial managing the cost appropriately throughout the construction project, not only in a single stage. In addition to simply assessing construction costs, we offer multisided support services that include determining the initially necessary budget, giving advice at the design stage, and supporting the selection of a general contractor that presents reasonable construction costs. The construction cost assessment is the service we have provided most frequently since our establishment and has received a high evaluation, and is related to cost estimation and price negotiation support at the construction order stage.

Cost management

Control the cost throughout the project

Cost management is implemented throughout the project, from construction planning to completion. Nowadays, it cannot be said that budgets can be adjusted only by assessing construction costs. The theme is to reduce the risk of budget overruns at each stage and to carry out appropriate management.
Specifically, we attend meetings at the design and construction stages, implement timely measures, move projects forward to place construction orders within budget, and support project owners with multifaceted measures such as budgeting based on actual prices, scrutiny of plans, VE/CD studies and holding tenders.

Service menu

Cost management services

Planning stage

  • Basic cost estimation
  • Budgeting structures

Design phase

  • Cost revision based on the design
  • VE/CD studies

Tender and ordering stage

  • Bidding support

Construction phase

  • Cost revision based on the construction
  • Control the construction revisions budget

Cost management is a service focused on controlling costs and providing support for projects where the project owner has already decided on the construction concept, the architect has been selected, and the planning is underway.

Construction cost assessment

We specially designed construction cost estimation services for the tendering and ordering stage.

Our most successful and fighly effective service is the consyruction cost assessment service, which assesses construction quotations.
Based on our database of 4,000 past assessments, we can provide you with an appropriate construction price. We examine contractors' estimates based on our know-how and negotiate prices if necessary.

Service menu

Construction cost assessment services

Confirmation of design drawings

  • Confirmation of design drawings prepared by the design and construction company.
  • Confirmation of temporary plans and field suveys as needed

Examining the quotation based on the prevailing price

  • Check if each unit price setting is appropriate
  • Scrutinize the contents of items that are included in a se of accounts

Accumulation of temporary construction costs and site costs

  • Is the budget consistent with the provisional plan and construction schedule?
    (Are there any over-costs?)

Reporting of assessment work to all parties

  • Report the results of the assessment after preparing the assessment report.
  • Report on potential problem areas during construction.

Support the price negotiations with contractors

  • Negotiate prices with the contractor based on the assessment results.

Free construction cost diagnosis service

  • For new clients only, we offer a free diagnosis of the construction estimate.
    (↓Details below).

Free construction cost analysis services

(Limited to new clients)

To carry out a job costing service, you will need to provide us with design drawings, temporary construction plans, job schedules, job statements, written questions and answers at the job costing stage and the basis for calculating the unit costs of the reports. The service is available free of charge for new orders to experience the benefits of the cost assessment service. More details about our free service are available in the website's NEWS section.

Some quotations include additional payments in direct construction costs and make the overall cost look normal. Hankyu CM will conduct an in-depth assessment by separating the pure profit of the general contractor and surplus costs. It is also noteworthy to avoid giving discounts to the constructor as much as possible.

Extremely limited price negotiation periods could have a negative impact on cost reduction.

Clients Ask:

The construction start date has been sharply decided, and I needed more time to check the validity of prices. What should I do to have the most reasonable cost?


Please order with as much leeway as possible. If you contact us from the design stage, we can provide you with additional advice. It would be more effective since we can adapt the VE study at the design stage to avoid extra costs.