Comprehensive support for construction projectsProject & Construction Management

We offer complete support for construction projects project and construction management The key to the success of any construction project towards its goals is to create an efficient working environment for the owner, designer and constructor to work together and fulfil their responsibilities and obligations with a strong sense of mission.
Our role at Hankyu CM is to supervise the entire project side by side with the project owner. As professional partners of the owner, we bridge any gaps of lacking construction experience with sufficient specialist knowledge of construction, and we lead the project steadily to success.

Our comprehensive construction project support service menu includes the following:

PHASE 1Planning and marketing analysis

Comprehensive support for the overall project construction and decision-making on project implementation

Precise support for clarifying the mission and making precise project decisions. From the client's point of view, we support the commercialisation of the project using the most effective methods, taking into account the potential and actual needs for land and buildings. We support you in drawing up a basic project plan from a comprehensive perspective based on a study of project goals, building plans, construction costs and schedules.

Service menu

Business verification support

  • Site sekection analysis
  • Legal compliance verification
  • Project areas, volume analysis
  • Budget/income/expenditure/schedule planning
  • Business Matchmaking

Project concept plan support

  • Project obkectives formulation
  • Preparation of basic plan
  • creating of project holistic structure
  • Setting the design and construction ordering strategy
  • Preliminary construction cost estimation
  • Development of a master schedule

Framework for Implementation of the construction

Selecting the appropriate designers and contractors for some special-designated projects like medical, industrial and cultural facilities needs exceptional care to ensure high efficiency during the project lifecycle. Hankyu CM puts a wealth of experience in all types of projects at your service.

PHASE 2Support for the selection of designers

Selection of a design company using the most appropriate method for the project.

Selection of a design company using the most appropriate method for the project.
Adopt an effective selection strategy that meets the project owner‘s requirements to select a design company.
In construction projects, there are various options, such as selecting the designer and general contractor separately or letting the general contractor handle everything from design to construction. Hankyu CM presents multiple options to the project owner professionally and analytically, allowing him to choose the most appropriate selection of designer.

Service menu

Construction contract method support

Example of selection methods

  • Select the designer and constructor separately
  • Select Design-Build Lump-sum method (DB method)
  • Early constractor involvement (ECI method)

Managing the selection process

  • Preparation of designers' call guidelines
  • Recruitment of potential designers
  • Holding proposal
  • Evaluation and analysis of proposal

Designer and builder selection support

  • Interviews with finalists
  • Confirmation of design contract details
  • Develop and confirm the project's proposed plan
  • Recruitment of other external consultants

Selecting the appropriate designers and contractors for some special-designated projects like medical, industrial and cultural facilities needs exceptional care to ensure high efficiency during the project lifecycle. Hankyu CM puts a wealth of experience in all types of projects at your service.

PHASE 3Design phase supervision.

Support for optimising design content.

We support the client during the design phase supervising the designer in preparing design documents that meet the project owner's concept, requirements and quality. This service supports the client during the design phase. Based on the design drawings and other information, we work with the client to consider possible improvement measures from the client's point of view, aiming for an ideal balance between cost and quality. While strictly adhering to the design process, we also provide thorough guidance on VE/CD proposals to reflect the client's requirements and complete the design within budget.

Service menu

Design supervision support

  • Setting up the design targets and quality standards
  • Verification of VE/CD
  • Confirmation of construction cost estimates
  • Confirmation and advice on design changes.
  • Confirmation of design work progress
  • Completion drawing design review.

We ensure the quality of the tender documents to incorporate all the requirements and quality of the project owner. Hankyu CM has many facilities engineers who can fully support the building design and guarantee reaching the optimum design within the budget.

PHASE 4Construction strategy

Creating the construction strategy.Towards construction starting on time and within budget.

Setting up a successful construction strategy starts early in the design stage. We support selecting contractors through competitive tendering, considering the project costs, requirements, specialities and goals. We also confirm the timeline for some types of construction work to avoid any unpleasant change in the timeframe. Moreover, we adapt the cost-on method to guarantee to control of the whole construction span cost.

Service menu

Design supervision support

  • Setting the outline pf construction strategy
  • Value engineering VE and Cost reduction CD studies.
  • Support selecting constractors
  • Construction contractual support.
  • Support for special orders

Tender document method consultation

  • Advanced tendering
  • Divide the scope of work depending on the type of work and finical evaluation.

Due to increased construction demand in recent years, delivery times for steel frame components are often longer than usual. The emphasis is on developing strategies to avoid construction delays by carefully considering the projects' demands in the design phase.

PHASE 5Construction management

Supervising the quality and construction process, and dealing with any potential increases or decreases in costs. It is important for the client to take the initiative over the design supervisor and the constructor on the construction site.

As the client's sincere partner, we know that smooth and clear communication between the construction parties is the key to achieving the best results. We provide a professional working environment during construction that allow all the stakeholders to give their best. Acting on behalf of the client, we regularly do site inspections during the construction duration to check the quality of the works and follow up if the performance flow goes as scheduled. In addition, we constantly review the quality of the deliveries and adjust the framework for any construction cost changes and reimbursement of construction costs.

Service menu

Construction Kick-off

  • Schedule the regular mettings
  • Facilitating the kick-off meetings
  • Reconfirmation of project plan
  • Setting up meeting bodies
  • Organisation of any tasks comes up.

Construction phase

  • Re-present the client at regular meetings
  • Checking the progress of the construction
  • Confirmation of mono-decision schedule
  • Checking the approval process for general and construction drawings
  • Decision-making support for design changes

Completion stage

  • Checking the progress of administrative inspections
  • Confirmation of settlement of construction costs
  • Support for client completion inspection

Post-construction support

  • The management strategy after building completion is an even more important phase than the construction phase.
    Hankyu CM provides a wide range of post-construction support services to project owners.

Compiling completion drawings and documents as a database for subsequent building management is vital at the completion stage. These documents will also be used for the next renewal work.