Post-Completion SupportFacility & Building Management

Building management and maintenance planning.
We provide a variety of services such as support for moving in and out of tenants.

The relationship between the business owner and the building begins directly after completing the installation. Considering that a building will be in operation for 50 or 100 years, 80% of the running costs, such as utilities, maintenance, repair and renewal, are incurred during the operation phase.
Therefore, upon completion of construction, it is vital to create a maintenance plan and a future repair and renewal plan. Preparing a list of qualified contractors to entrust with expected costs will be a tremendous advantage for smooth operation. Hankyu CM provides a variety of support to owners in promoting efficient building management.

Building operation management support.

Towards the establishment of a Building Management System

After completion, proper maintenance, management, and improvement of user satisfaction will remarkably increase investment returns. In the case of a building owned by a company, our building management menu includes the usual building management menu plus crime prevention and periodic reporting required by law. In comparison, the service will also include: promoting the tenant attraction, building operation, and tenants moving in/out management if the tenant owns the building. Building management services can be broadly divided into multiple fields and items. In some cases, one management company is enough, but in other cases, it may be necessary to outsource to different companies, depending on the time and circumstances. Hankyu CM will help you to decide on the appropriate service menu according to your objective and position.

Service menu

Procurement management support

  • Formulating building management standards support
  • Leasing company selection support
  • Building management company selection support
  • Security company selection support
  • Security planning support
  • Tenant construction work support

We can also provide consultation on reviewing the management menu that suits your buildings. For example, consider converting your building into a tenant office building. Please feel free to contact us.

Long-term maintenance planning support.

From “corrective maintenance” to “preventive maintenance”

Post-maintenance after a building or facility failure has an impact on business operations, such as the need for emergency repair costs. Building equipment has a life span, and each has its own recommended repair and maintenance cycle. In addition, as social standards improve, mere repairs are not sufficient, and repair plans must also take improvements into account. Hankyu CM supports the preparation of long-term repair plans for preventive maintenance with this in mind.

Service menu

Long-term repairs planning support

  • Drawing survey / building site survey
  • Renovation cycle planning support
  • Renovation cost and unit price assessment support
  • Creation of long-term repair plan

The repair plans created by Hankyu CM are not limited to desktop surveys such as ER (engineering reports) for real estate asset evaluation but also make highly effective repair plans based on deterioration surveys and construction orders. The point of cost control is to schedule upgrading the equipment before the complete failure.

Tenant move-in/out and interior supervision support.

We support you in coordinating tenant move-in/out and interior renovation for a smooth operation.

Rental income is an essential factor in the operation of this type of building. Construction work on tenant buildings is usually divided into three categories. New construction of the building itself is known as A construction, which is paid for by the owner, while construction work covered by the tenant is classified as C construction. Tenant construction work is classified as B work if there are changes to the owner's facilities, and the tenant bears the costs while the owner's designated contractor carries out the work. Hankyu CM can provide various services, including design and comprehensive coordination of reforming work for tenant entry/exit procedures.

Service menu

Tenant move-in/out and interior supervision support

  • Verification of tenant document
  • C construction plan approval support
  • Verification of tenant's purpose for using the building
  • Plan confirmation and transmission of B construction
  • Legal compliance consultation
  • Interior supervision support at the renovation stage
  • Attending meetings with prospective tenants

Hankyu CM checks the building plans (as-built drawings and application for confirmation), the most recent renovation history, and the rental standards and supports the client in moving in. Furthermore, during negotiating construction details with prospective tenants, we can assist from the client's perspective as a tenant.